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Neo40 Nitric Oxide

Safe and Natural. Restore your Nitric Oxide level.

Over 40? If so, Nitric Oxide restoration is one of the most critical ways to improve cardiovascular health. Neo40 Daily enhances circulation, which impacts: * Blood Pressure * Triglycerides * Inflammation * Sexual Function * Energy Levels * Workout Endurance

Size: 30 lozengers
Price: $59.95

Product Details

What is Nitric Oxide? 


In 1992, Nitric Oxide was named “Molecule of the Year” by the American scientific community.  And in 1998, the discovery of Nitric Oxide as a critical signaling molecule was awarded a Nobel Prize in physiology/medicine.

Nitric Oxide revolutionized conventional scientific reasoning because it was the first molecule discovered to literally communicate with another molecule. Why does that matter? When Nitric Oxide is made by the cells in our blood vessels, it signals the surrounding arterial tissues “telling” them to relax. That lowers blood pressure, expands narrow blood vessels, eliminates dangerous clots and reduces the formation of artery-clogging plaque.

Nitric Oxide optimizes circulation and is involved in virtually every organ system in our body.

More blood flow means better brain function and better attention.

More blood flow means better oxygen transfer and more energy.

More blood flow means a better sex life. (Nitric Oxide is a key ingredient in many well-known erectile dysfunction products because it stimulates penile blood flow.)

Nitric Oxide is critical to life. In fact, many scientists believe Nitric Oxide to be as important to humans as oxygen. Unfortunately, most adults over 40 don’t produce enough in order to achieve optimal health. 

Neo40 Daily is a breakthrough formula based on seven years of scientific research conducted by Neogenis Chief Science Officer Dr. Nathan Bryan, the definitive expert in the therapeutic uses of Nitric Oxide and the leading professor of molecular medicine at the University of Texas. Neo40 Daily helps your body naturally increase Nitric Oxide levels, thus helping improve circulation, supporting the cardiovascular system and improving performance in adults over the age of 40.* In pre-clinical and initial clinical trials, Neo40 Daily has been shown to reduce important cardiovascular risk factors, such as inflammation, triglycerides - even C-reactive protein levels - one of the most reliable markers for stroke and heart attacks. Neo40 Daily helps raise levels of Nitric Oxide, which is the molecule naturally produced in our bodies that helps maintain cardiovascular health and improves circulation. It's produced in the lining of your arteries and literally “tells” the surrounding muscles to relax, causing dilation and increased blood flow. This is good news for practically every system in your body.

Make sure to order your Nitric Oxide Test Strips too!



Usage Instructions

Adults 40 and over, take once or twice daily. Place one (1) lozenge on your tongue and let it dissolve. Move the lozenge across your tongue as it dissolves. No need to chew. No water needed. Do not swallow lozenge whole.

Every person's body chemistry is somewhat different, so we recommend you test your Nitric Oxide level fairly frequently to determine if once or twice daily is the appropriate Neo40 Daily dose for you. However, if you are over 55* and have one or more cardiovascular risk factors (obesity, smoking, high cholesterol or blood pressure), we recommend that you take Neo40 Daily twice/day. The American Heart Association research shows that our bodies naturally produce less than 30% of the necessary Nitric Oxide by the time we are 55. This deficiency is dramatically exacerbated by the presence of cardiovascular risk factors.     


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